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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

Everyone enjoys giving gifts during the holidays. For pet owners, the same is true in giving gifts to our furry friends. But, it’s easy to break the bank when it comes to gift giving, so take a moment and think about what your pet really needs…and then splurge with a...

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December 2nd is National Mutt Day!

December 2nd is National Mutt Day, a day to celebrate all the wonderful mixed-breed dogs out there. And while the name “mutt” and “mongrel” may seem like bad words, owners of mix-breed dogs think of these terms of badges of honor. Established in 2005 and celebrated...

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Second Chances for Senior Pets

Senior pets end up in shelters for a variety of reasons. They are often mistakenly thought of as ‘problem pets’, but they lose their homes for a variety of reasons: they were the pets of elderly people who died or moved into assisted living; economic hardship forces...

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Remembering the Animals Who Served in the First World War

Approximately 9 million animals served in the First World War (some estimate more). Like human soldiers, they faced the horrors of trench warfare, artillery fire, rough terrains, cruel weather, disease, and starvation. Veterans would go on to say that the animals’...

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November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

No questions asked: cancer is a 5-letter word no pet owner wants to hear. And as pets live longer, diseases that come along with aging, like cancer, can occur. National Pet Cancer Awareness Month was established to inform the public about prevention, what to look for,...

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