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Veterinary Pharmacy

Kirkwood Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing the Kirkwood, MO, community with the highest level of service. That’s why we offer a veterinary pharmacy to meet all your pets’ needs.


Veterinary Pharmacy in Kirkwood, MO

We want you to get your medications and products from reputable, trusted suppliers, so we have stocked our pharmacy with a huge inventory of quality brands and products that are properly stored under optimal conditions.


Veterinary Pharmacy

Kirkwood Animal Hospital’s Drive-Thru Pet Pharmacy is available for picking up your pet’s prescriptions, heartworm preventative, prescription diets, flea and tick products, medicated shampoos, Nutraceuticals, laboratory specimen drop off, and more!

You may use the drive-thru for:

  • Prescription refills- please call at least 2 hours ahead, if at all possible for prescription approval.
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Flea Preventative
  • Special needs diets – for dog and cat, e.g., K/D, R/D, etc., and Purina CNM® and most other Hill’s Diets®.
  • Medicated shampoos, ear cleaners, etc
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Laboratory specimens dropped off

Some transactions take longer than others, and you may be asked to pull your car forward so we may bring your prescription or food to your car.

For faster service, we request that you call 2 hours before you wish to pick up your prescription at (314) 965-2660.

Please note: your pet must be a current (seen within one year) patient of Kirkwood Animal Hospital.

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