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Urinalysis Machine

We see many pets with bladder and kidney diseases. All of them require testing to some degree. Here is a brief explanation of some of the tests we may need to do to help us properly diagnose and treat your pet.


Urinalysis Machine in Kirkwood, MO

There is also a lot that a vet can tell about your pet’s health from their urine. In fact, even the color of urine can help identify certain health conditions. For example, urine that is too dark may indicate kidney dysfunction in your pet.


Urinalysis Machine

Kirkwood Animal Hospital is happy to offer point-of-care urine testing. Within 3 minutes, provided urine is analyzed for several key features relative to your pets’ well-being.

The VETSCAN SA is an automated urine sediment analyzer. This analyzer allows us to rapidly determine concerns related to kidney disease, diabetes, urinary infection, renal or bladder cancers, and other clinical issues. This, along with bloodwork and survey x-rays, allows up to provide a comprehensive picture of a patient’s health.

Veterinary Services in Kirkwood, MO

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